Hsi-k’ou in Taiwan is a beautiful city which is visited by thousands of travelers every year. Travelers can enjoy a lot in the region which is dotted with loads of attractions. Hsi-k’ou is also filled with many options of tourist activities that keep the travelers busy throughout their stay. Hsi-k’ou attracts many travelers all round the year who have significantly contributed in the development of Taiwan tourism. Presently a visit to Hsi-k’ou is a prominent feature on every Taiwan tour.

Hsi-k’ou is dotted with many attractions. A visit to them takes the travelers to the various corners of the region. The travelers are sure to enjoy the visit to the land which boasts of impeccable beauty punctuated by the brilliance of nature. A tour to Hsi-k’ou is always a memorable experience as the travelers get to enjoy loads during the tour.


Hsi-k’ou is a major tourist destination in Taiwan that offers some splendid places to visit, like:

Furano Sheep Farm – The Furano Sheep Farm is a beautiful place located at the slope of the mountain. The view from this place is simply captivating. The visitors can also enjoy a superb view of the Lo Hu Bridge in the valley from the farm. A visit to the Furano Sheep Farm always remains in the memory of the tourist for its impeccable beauty.

Chaio Pan Shan Park – This Park is among the nicest places to visit in the whole of Hsi-k’ou plateau. The name of the plateau has an interesting story behind it. As the story goes, the late President Chiang Kai-Shek witnessed the Hsikou Plateau and felt that it looked pretty similar to his hometown. This led home to name the park same as the plateau.

Fu Hsing Bridge – The Fu Hsing Bridge is an age old construction which connects both the ends of North Cross Island Highway. The Fu Hsing Bridge is not used presently to carry heavy traffic as a new bridge has been built for the same purpose.

Moutu Discovery Forest – Travelers embarking on a tour to Hsi-k’ou also can opt for a hiking tour that takes them to the exciting Moutu Discovery Forest. There are several hiking trails in the region which are a source of great excitement.