Huayang Village

Huayang Village is a tiny Chinese village where people still live a traditional lifestyle and practice traditional agricultural methods. The village’s one hotel is modern, and equipped with air conditioning/heating, ensuite bathroom and televisions. Famous local dishes and Shaanxi Province specialties can be eaten in the restaurant opposite the hotel.

The village is half an hour’s drive from Changqing Nature Reserve, one of the few remaining sites in China where Giant Pandas can be seen in the wild. Changqing Nature Reserve is also home to Golden Monkeys, Golden Takin and Crested Ibis, along with 39 other threatened animals and 31 threatened plants.

Hainan Airlines fly twice daily from Xian to Hanzhong City. Two trains also depart daily from Xian railway station to Hanzhong City. Changqing Nature Reserve staff will pick visitors up from Hanzhong City airport or Hanzhong City railway station and drive them to Huayang Village.

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