Huesca lies at the foot of the Pyrenees. It is the second biggest city of the Community of Aragon.

The city is picturesque and a stroll through the streets of the old town gives you the opportunity to visit some museums and sights that testify of the long history of Huesca.

The Cathedral dates from the 13-th century but has seen many additions in later centuries – the hole is very convincing. Next to the Cathedral, the Diocesano museum has many pieces of great value, like altarpieces and murals of lost churches.

The City council was built in the 16-th century and offers a good example of the Aragonese Renaissance style. Nearby on the Plaza de la Universidad you will find some old university buildings which now serve as a museum and can be visited.

Also within the historical centre, the Church of San Pedro el Viejo is worth a visit. It was built on ancient temple, and is drawn up in Romanic style. In the Church the kings of Aragon are buried. Other religious buildings of note include the Basilica of San Lorenzo, in baroque style (s.XVII), the Church of Santo Domingo and San Martin, and that of Santa Teresa.

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