The tourist attractions of Huila are spread in parallel to its geography. Located in the lowest part of Colombias central area, this department is characterized by varied agricultural production and amazingly different landscapes that capture the attention of travelers, especially the Desert of La Tatacoa and the Colombian Massif, which are situated at opposite ends of the department.

Traveling from Bogota, one of the first surprises along the road is the Desert of La Tatacoa. This 330 square km tropical dry forest, paradoxically, very near the Magdalena and Cabrera Rivers, where the erosion of hundreds of years created an ochre and ash-colored environment, attracts tourists with its forms and mazes.

The Desert of La Tatacoa, a fantastic place under which underground water flows, is located on land that tends to descend. Above it, a usually clear sky unfolds to facilitate study and contemplation from the Astronomical Observatory.

With the fascinating images of this arid zone in mind, the traveler continues his trip to Neiva, the capital of the department.


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