Hunting and Fishing in Russia

Hunting and Fishing in Russia is one of the most favorite sports in Russia. The localites indulge in these sports during the spring and the autumn. Hunting and Fishing in Russia is also taken up by the foreign travelers. People make trips to Russia in order indulge in this sport. It is also a popular pastime of the Russians. It is especially popular in the country sides of Russia.
Hunting and Fishing in Russia is the best way to get a glimpse of the wildlife of Russia. The vast flora and fauna that lie scattered in and around Russia. The lush green forests of Soviet Russia opens to us vistas of wild landscape. There are wild boars, foxes, lynx, wild ducks, wolves, red deer, black cocks, goose and capercailzies. The best time to go for hunting in Russia is September. However, fowls are available only during the winter season.
Fishing is more a sport than a pastime which people participate in Russia. The lakes and rivers in Russia are filled with a variety of species. There are many unknown and rare species that are available in Russia. There are a few well known establishments for hunting and fishing in Russia. There are trips that are organized only for hunting. Equipments can be rented and there are also trained dogs that are offered to the sport lovers. The establishments also look after the safety and comfort of the people who indulge in these ports while in Russia.
Russia also has taxidermy services. They take care to stuff the animals and deliver the same to your home country if you so wish. Thus Hunting and Fishing in Russia are most popular games and people travel long distance in order to partake in these adventurous tours.