Ibiza, an island which is one in a thousand! It is undoubtedly popular within the international club life scene. Every one who loves nightlife clubbing should have been at least once on this magical island.

In the sixties, the island dissociated itself from the rest of the European resorts with the arrival of Baghwan Shree Rejneesh. This religious cult hero was the leader of a rather strange sect and his hippytrain followed in his wake to Ibiza. The party community was born.

From all over the world, top DJ’s are attracted to play records at this party island. Real die-hards, however, think that Ibiza has become too much commercialized. The island, with its 84,000 inhabitants, attracts over a million visitors every year. Despite this, Ibiza remains a draw. During the whole summer, the island is the scene of non-stop parties, which can be said of only a few other places in the world.

Ibiza Town is the place to head for – it has everything the island is famous for; the other towns are nothing compared to the capital of the islands. San Antonio Abad has lots of ugly hotels and apartment complexes, Santa Eulalia is nice day trip but not much more.

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