Ice Diving in Russia

If you want to try something different then ice-diving in Russia is the best option among the adventure sports in Russia. The main area of Russian ice-diving is the White Sea which boasts of a wonderful marine life. If you see a dazzle of colors suddenly then do not be surprised as there are a number of birds in the areas near White Sea. If you want to go for ice-diving in Russia then you have to wear a dry suit and the divers generally go down to the bed of the sea by creating a hole through the sheet of ice. As the ice is tough to crack you have to use a saw to break the ice. The temperature is below freezing point the dry suites will protect the divers from the cold and chill.
If you have already made your plans to travel to Russia then you must take out sometime for ice-diving in Russia. In ice-diving in Russia there are generally two teams who go after one another. A rope is attached to the waist of the diver and the diver generally takes the rope in the right hand. The rope ensures that the diver is safe in case of emergency as the other end of the rope is attached to the ice-screw. Generally a person holds the end of the rope so that if the divers are in a problem the person holding the rope will call for help. He is generally known as a tender people. Apart from the divers and the tender people there are 2 more people who are known to provide help.
The best part of ice-diving in Russia is that you will have the most spectacular view of the underwater of White Sea. Devote a couple of hours and you will come across marine animals like butter fish, cods, basket stars, wolf-fish, jelly fish, sea anemones, Beluga whales. Do not be overwhelmed by the size of the blue whales as they are quite harmless and friendly towards the people who go for ice-diving in Russia. Explore the marine kingdom to the fullest and you will be surprised with the variety and diversity of flora and fauna.
One advantage of ice-diving in Russia is that even when the surface of the sea is covered with sheets of ice and the water remains light and the conditions are such that you will have clarity of vision. This is an experience worth savoring for the rest of your life.