Ice Skating in Shimla

The Shimla ice-skating rink has the largest open-air area with naturally frozen ice in this part of the world. A popular winter sport, Ice Skating in Shimla usually starts in early December and continues till late February. During these months two skating sessions are organized per day, in the morning hours and in the evening. But, if the skies are clear and temperatures are low, several uninterrupted sessions can be organized here. Every year large number of adventure enthusiasts visit the town of Shimla to undertake the sport. Clear skies and low Ice Skating, Shimla temperatures provide series of uninterrupted sessions. There are two sessions every day, in the morning and in the evening.

Membership is available for the season as well as for shorter terms and even for single sessions. Skates are available at the rink. Skates are also available at the rink, so you don’t need to carry the skating gears on your own.

Fancy dress carnivals, ‘gymkhanas’ ice-hockey and dances enliven every season. At the Shimla Ice-Skating rink, you can enjoy the variety of skating like figure skating, speed skating etc.

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