Iceland Tourist Information

City of Natural Wonders
Iceland means new and different things for you to see and do, whatever the season. Every part of the year has its own special attractions, character and charm. And don´t let the name deceive you – Iceland can be very warm in summer when the sun shines virtually round the clock, while January temperatures are around 0°C.

It is the nearest European neighbor to the U.S. In fact, Iceland is at the halfway point from the East Coast to the European continent. With daily flights from New York, Baltimore/Washington, Minneapolis and Boston, and frequent service from Orlando and Halifax, this awesome and virtually jet-lag free destination awaits you with plenty of action.

Much of Iceland is still taking shape before your very eyes — raw, dramatic landscapes born from volcanic eruptions and carved out by glaciers. Other parts have hardly changed since the first Viking settlers saw them more than 1,100 years ago. You’ll experience wilderness and wildlife, energy and total calm, within easy reach wherever you stay, even on day trips.The chilliest thing about Iceland is really its name. In January the temperature is warmer than in New York and the welcome for travelers is always warm. In Iceland, almost everyone speaks fluent English and Americans always feel welcome.
Experience extraordinary views of surging geysers, thundering waterfalls (we have more than 10,000 of them), and moonlike volcanic craters. Taste a new world of experiences from snowmobiling, horseback riding and dog-sledding, to soaking outdoors in the mineral-rich Blue Lagoon.

Play golf at midnight because the sun never sets in summer. Fly to the Westmann Islands and visit some of the 10 million puffins that live there. And say hello to Keiko, the world’s most famous killer whale (the star of the Free Willie movies).

Drive or sail through more than 100 majestic fjords with snow-capped mountains that dot our pristine coastline. Walk on a glacier or a simmering volcano, or just take a stroll in beautiful and peaceful downtown Reykjavík. Check out the galleries and the sleek fashion stores that line the streets.

Experience some of Reykjavík’s many fantastic restaurants and the throbbing nightlife that goes on and on. Indulge yourself in fine hotels and enjoy the adventure of your lifetime; there are no limits, there is no end.

Iceland is for the young and the young at heart. Be a leader and head straight for the coolest destination on earth. You will never regret it.

If you’re traveling on a budget, camping is your best bet. There are sites located throughout the country, especially at places you’d want to visit. They range from fully-equipped (hot showers, washing machines, cooking facilities) to farmers’ fields with a cold-water tap. Expect to pay 500-1000 Kr per person per night.

If you intend to camp in Iceland you must be prepared for the cold, 3 season sleeping bags are essential and an inner, I would also highly recommend thick pyjamas and a warm hat! A bedding roll is also useful as you may end up sleeping on very rough ground…and that’s just not very comfortable at all!

Mountain Huts
Trekkers will need to use some of the mountain huts, either government or privately-run. These range from dormitory accommodation to fully-staffed facilities. Booking ahead is likely to be necessary at popular times of year (and they may only be accessible in summertime).

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