Welcome to the land of argan and honey. Nestled in the heart of a beautiful and fertile valley, this is Imouzzer, the town of the Ida Outanane Berber tribes.

Paradise Valley
Having climbed the mountains 61km to the north of Agadir, a valley with a variety of landscapes and contrasting colors cries out to be discovered. This area of terraced crops and undulating plateaus covered with argan, palm, almond, juniper and olive trees is Paradise Valley. This is where the small town of Imouzzer with its white houses appears, looking over a palm grove surrounded by almond, olive and argan trees. Argan trees only grow in this region of Morocco. The high quality oil from its nuts is used in cooking and the cosmetics industry. The area around Imouzzer provides opportunities for refreshment breaks, whether in the natural pools of the Asif Tamraght gorge or the Tinkert wadi waterfalls (where water flows only in winter). Another product of this rich land is the honey celebrated every year in August. The region, particularly Izourki Oufella, produces different, highly refined, varieties of it using thyme, orange blossom and even cactus, which is very popular in Morocco.

Its inhabitants
The great Berber tribe called Ida Outanane is linked to the town’s name. Its strong cultural identity and its traditions can be discovered as you pass through the traditional villages of Paradise Valley. The Ida Outanane lived independently until 1927.