India Jewelry – Indians always been Fond of it

The Indians have always been fond of jewelry. The archaeological excavations are witness of the fact that the Indians have been fond of jewelery since the birth of civilization. Civilizations evolved with the time and so did the jewelery. Over the time, it has acquired an status which is more than a mere accessory.

Jewelry in Ancient Times
Male and female, both wore ornaments in ancient days, even from the days of Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilizations. The ornaments were of gold and other metals, and were often used with gems and beads. Design and material varied according to caste, religion and geography. Necklaces, rings and bangles have been the most popular items of jewelry. Mangalasutra has been a special necklace worn by women. Ear-rings, toe-rings, nose-pin and ankelets have also been fondly worn by women.

Jewelry in Medieval Times
Medieval India witnessed a change in the style of jewelry. The Mughals introduced new techniques such as inlay work and enameling etc. The famous Peacock Throne of Mughal emperor Shah Jehan is one of the finest examples of gem inlay work and metal craft.

Jewelry in Modern Times
Jewelry yet fascinates the Indians. Indian jewelry consuming market is one of the fastest-growing in the world. Modern Indian jewelry is influenced and driven by trends in global fashion scenario. Modern Indian jewelry is known for sheer variety of styles and patterns of ornaments. Materials like wood, beads, lacquer, threads and glass to the more expensive such as gold, silver, diamonds and gems are employed in making of the ornaments. Hand-made jewelry is slowly handling over mettle to lighter and highly polished, machine-crafted jewelry.

Jewelry and Indian Marriages
People love to wear jewelry in social functions in India. Marriage is the most elaborate function in the Indian social scenario and jewelry is heavily used in it. The bride, in particular, is heavily bedecked in jewelery. The bridegroom also wears jewellery items like ring and chain. Other people also like to flaunt their jewellery on the occasion.

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