Inhambane, Southern Mozambique

Inhambane, southern Mozambique, getting there and away by bus. There is a daily service back to Maputo. at 11 am, a bus from the north heads back to the capital. The bus arrives in Maputo at approximately 6 pm. I thought this would be a good thing to know if you don’t want to get up too early to catch a bus back.Tip: Be there on time because the buses depart surprisingly on time. And you can choose a better place on the bus.

Maybe it is also good to know that when you miss a bus, you can get a lift to the ‘junta’ terminal. That is the first stop every bus makes no matter where it’s going. There you probably can get on the bus you missed. I could get a ride on an empty bus heading for junta. Maybe I was lucky, maybe they will take you there anyway.

Scams & Warnings
The Cuamba to Nampula train is rife with pickpockets. It is especially risky when all the passengers are disembarking.