Ioannina is one of the four cities that belong to Epirus department.It is the capital of Ioannina Prefecture and of Epirus, lying on the western side of lake Pamvotis . Everyone can attract from it’s beauty and that’s why it become the ideal place for vacation throughout the year.


There are important sights for those who want to combine travel and culture… there is the lake with its island surrounded by the mountains for those who like nature and walks… there are opportunities for extreme sports for those who combine travel and adventure… there is a nightlife and a traditional cuisine for those who like good food and pleasure.

Castle of Ioannina, the lake Pamvotis with the Island, the Cave of Perama, the historical monuments, the museums and the whole prefecture that gives to the visitors the opportunity to discover the natural beauties that the God spread into the area.

Every season brings new beauty for Ionnina. In winter the area is usually dressed in snow giving a white view of the city especially in the mountainous parts. In spring there is a feast of colours giving a view of perfection around the city. In summer no-one can deny a boat trip into the lake, or a walk into the Island. In autumn the first rainfalls come to complete the picture with the falling leaves that give a different color in the area.

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