This capital city of Perak used to be the pulse of the country’s tin mining operations. Known as the City of Bougainvillaea, Ipoh’s appeals lie in its clean streets, imaginative landscaped gardens, impressive pre-war buildings and its unique cave temples.

Ipoh has one of the best restaurant food in the whole of Malaysia.Ipoh is also an ideal retirement town. Some people call Ipoh the city of millionaires. It is located north of Kuala Lumpur and south of Penang. It is dominantly Chinese town. Its major source of income used to be the tin mines. Major sights are the Perak Tong Temple and the Sam Poh Temple. Both temples are located a few km out of town. If you wonder what to do in this city, try Chinese food. It is supposed to be the best in Malaysia. Some people use Ipoh also as a convenient stop-over on their way to Pangkor island.