Iquitos is the biggest Peruvian City in the Amazonian Jungle; it is located on the banks of the mythical Amazon River. The main attraction of Iquitos is in the jungle: observing, exploring and enjoying the nature of the most extended and less explored jungle in the world. It is known that about 10% of the flora in this jungle is not known to science, and its wild fauna is one of the most exciting you will ever find.

For enjoying the jungle atmosphere you will be transported to one of the many lodges inside the jungle, from those spots you will be able to take excursions for nature observation. Many of those lodges have spectacular hanging bridges around, those are walkways constructed by the top of the trees for a better enjoyment of the aerial flora and fauna.

From Iquitos it is also possible to take boats for visiting some of the jungle tribes such as the Yaguas, Omaguas and Cocamas. Besides, Iquitos is a port for cruise lines traveling to some other Amazonian Cities such as Leticia in Colombia and Tabatinga in Brazil; those are small ships having some kinds of comfort such as air-conditioned rooms, bathrooms, restaurant, open decks, and some other facilities depending on the size of the ship.

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