Iraklion or Heraklionis the largest city and capital of Crete. It is also the fourth largest city in Greece. It concentrates most of the economical activity of the island, and is the main port of entry to Crete for the majority of visitors. Iraklion is close to the ruins of the palace of Knossos, which in Minoan times was the largest centre of population on Crete. This Bronze Age palace and human settlement has yielded significant archaeological finds that have given insights to the Minoan civilization.

==== Iraklion – SIGHTSEEING

History is very much alive in Iraklion just like in most Greek cities. The visitor to Iraklion should definitely visit the archaeological site at Knossos and the Archaelogical Museum of Iraklion that houses most of the Minoan findings in Crete. Special attention should also be paid to the Historical museum of Iraklion that houses findings from the early Christian era to today and the Museum of Natural History.

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