Islands in Russia

The Islands in Russia offers you a wonderful and memorable journey along the beautiful landscapes and lovely beaches.
The Alexandra Island is a large island in Russia. The Island has lovely beaches and swinging palm trees.
Atlasov Island, also known in Japanese as Araido, is the northern-most island and volcanic region of Russia. Among the Islands in Russia, the Atlasov Island has the highest volcano in Russia. The other names for the island include, Uyakhuzhach, Oyakoba and Alaid.
Ayon Island is an island located directly off the coast of Siberia. The island is 63 kilometers long and 38 kilometers wide. It is generally low and flat and there are many small but beautiful lakes and dense swamps.
The Dikson Island is one of the lovely Russia Islands, located in the Kara Sea near the mouth of the Yenisei River.
The Kuril Islands in eastern Russia is known for its chain of volcanic islands that connect the northern Japanese islands to the Russian Sredinnyy Khrebet Mountains.
These islands are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, a zone of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Besides being a highly active geo-thermal area, this region is well-known for its abundant and diverse wildlife. The Kuril Islands are a home to many animals, sea birds, sea otter, Orcas, minke whales, sea lions, seals and fish, crabs.