Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya

Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya is another spot of tourist attraction. Engulfed in the mesmerizing scenic beauty, Jaintia Hills District was created on the 22nd of February in 1972. Homeland of the Jaintia tribes, Jaintia hills offer you magical surroundings with beautiful streamlets, burbling brooks, cascading waterfalls, winding terrains, splendid valleys, picturesque plateaus and golden sunshine. It is a picturesque little village with the River Myntdu encircling it.

To catch a glimpse of these beautiful hills you can travel by air to Guwahati and then avail the road route to Shillong. Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd. under the Government of Meghalaya offers regular helicopter services.

While on you way to Jowai from Shillong you will be amazed at the beauty that the Jaintia Hills offer. The grasslands, oak woods, rice terrace lands, burbling brooks and the pine trees serve as great scenic view until you reach the Thadlaskein lake. It is a historical lake about 8 kms from Jowai. According to legends it was dug by the bow tips of Jaintia’s foremost war leaders, Sajar Nangli.

One can spot the amazing cluster of monoliths in the backdrop of the vast openness, a deal delight for a photographer. One of the monoliths is said to the walking stick of Mar Phalyngki ‘the Goliath’ of Jaintia Hill legend in Nartiang, 24 kms from Jowai.

Syntu Ksiar is another remarkable place of Jaintia Hills, a vast pool of calm waters where the Myntdu River that encircles the whole village ends. It offers a remarkable scenic view. Located in the Jowai-Dawki Road, is the Syndai village which has many caves and caverns