Jalapa is the capital of Veracruz state. The city is situated in a fertile valley encompassed by some of the highest mountains in the Sierra Madre including the Pico de Orizaba, which sands at 18,000 feet. An extremely high annual rainfall contributes to the importance of this agricultural and commercial center. Coffee, vanilla and other tropical crops are found in abundance throughout the area.


The Cathedral of Xalapa is a mix of Baroque and Neogothic design built in 1773. It has a clock tower, the clock coming from England.

Callejon Diamante (lit. Diamond Alley) is one of the more crowded streets at night because of its Bohemian atmosphere with cafes and an artist’s colony. Callejon Jesus te Ampare is a cobblestone street next to the Church of San Jose.

The Jardin de Esculturas (Sculpture Garden) is a museum dedicated to sculpture, exhibiting works by nationally and internationally-recognized artists.

The Parque de los Tecajetes is located in a natural depression or ravine of the same name in the center of the city. Underneath is a fresh-water spring that feeds the aquaducts, artificial pools and canals of the park.

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