Jamaica Montego Bay

Most travelers arrive in Jamaica through Montego Bay which is the home of the North Shore airport and the islands busiest cruise pier. Travelers are greeted with a traditional Red Stripe beer once they step foot off their planes. Jamaica’s second largest city, Montego Bay is located on the North West corner of the island. Montego Bay is Jamaica’s original tourist hot spot. Tourism got its start here in 1924 and since then there has been no looking back. Throughout the year, Montego Bay remains a bustling community.

The name Montego has an interesting history. This word comes from the spanish word manteca which means lard. Montego Bay was once a busy port from where the spanish would ship the hogs they butchered in the mountains.

Montego Bay has many tourist attractions to boot including a number of plantation tours. The Bob Marley experience is a new attraction featuring a documentary film on the legendary reggae great and a huge memorabilia shop. For the adventure traveler, rafting tours are a fun way to go. These tours encompass rafting down a peaceful river on a bamboo raft. Fishing charters are also available. The waters are filled with marlin, tuna, and kingfish. For the athletic traveler, cycling, golf, horseback riding, and scuba diving are fantastic activities here.

Montego Bay also has popular local shopping district. Preferred shopping centers include the City Centre, Holiday Village Shopping Centre, and The Half Moon Shopping Village. In additional, the shops around the airport provide a wide selection of tourist goods. We suggest you pickup a coffee bean necklace upon your arrival.

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