Jamaica is one of the bigger islands in the Caribbean. When you say Jamaica you immediately think of Bob Marley, Rum and Bobsleighing.
Kingston the capital city is the first place many business travelers arrive. It is located on the South coast of the island. The city offers world class business hotels, upscale shopping and top entertainment and dining.

The main tourist areas are on the northwest of the island because of the better beaches. Montego Bay is probably the best known beach resort, further to the west Negril is also a good option with low rise rural hotels and high rise palm trees.

Ocho Rios and Port Antonio offer great opportunities to go hiking in the hills. If you want to go even higher you should head for Mandeville, located at 2000 feet above sea level.

Jamaica has a wealth of fascinating historical sites, including an astounding collection of 19th century churches built for local residents and free slaves. In addition, there are many old 17th century forts and great houses, some restored to museum quality and others in still accessible ruinous condition. For more information, see the Jamaica National Heritage Trust website (not accessible directly from this page).

Rental cars are widely available, and small airlines offer commuter services to most parts of the island.

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