Jen-ai is one of the coolest tourist destinations in Jen-ai. One can enjoy the combined beauty of the forest area, mountains and lush green fields while on a visit to Jen-ai. This place has a coolness that hangs in the air. Because of the coolness it is always a welcome change from the simmering heat of other native counties in Taiwan.


Once here, people can do some hiking in the mountains, or watch grazing sheep in the midst of lush green fields. The beautiful trees of the forest help one inhale pure and fresh air that blows in the region.

Au-Wen-Da National Forest Recreation Area – Au-Wen-Da is one of the most famous places to watch the maples in Taiwan. Most of the trees do not turn red in the winter. So people in Taiwan expect to watch the maples in the December here. The whole forest recreation area is large enough to accommodate a lot of people. The most popular place to visit here is the maple area. One has to walk through a long trail along the river to reach there. After a long walk one can return with a wonderful memory. Tourists often take rest at the maple area while enjoying great view.

Ching Jing – The place is renowned for the coffee shops and the resorts opened these years. You can enjoy the mountain views while having the coffee or staying in the resort. For the visitors from the city, it is what a leisure time to stay in the cafe, the beautiful gardens and the fields of the resorts in Ching Jing.

Sheep at Ching Ching Grass – This is a sheep farm in the grass field. By visiting this place, one can see various varieties of sheep and the technique in which they are reared and bread.

Ching Ching Grass Field at Ching Jing – Ching Ching Grass Field at Ching Jing is a beautiful grass land. Sheep in the area are allowed to stroll around this place. Besides the beautiful scenes in the grass land, the famous sheep show is a must-see here.

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