Situated 85km from Kota, Jhalawar was bifurcated from Kota by the British in 1838. Located in the southeast region of Rajasthan, at the edge of the Malwa plateau, Jhalawar has rocky but water-laden lush landscape. With pre-historic painted caves, massive forts, thickly wooded forests and exotic wildlife Jhalawar boasts of rich historic and natural wealth.

Jhalawar is connected to other parts of the state with rails and roads.

Jhalawar Fort (Garh Palace)
The fort is situated in the centre of the town. It houses the district offices. There are some exquisite paintings and mirrors on the walls of ‘ zanana khas’, which can be seen by obtaining permission from the offices located here.

Government Museum
Established in 1915 A.D, this is one of the oldest museums of Rajasthan. The exhibits include a fine collection of paintings, rare manuscripts and idols of deities.

Jhalarapatan (6KM)
This small town within the confines of a wall was built to protect the trade caravans as patan was the junction of caravan routes. A magnificent 10th century Surya Temple (Padam Nath Temple ) is the major attraction of the city. The temple has some splendid sculptures as well as, well preserved idols of Surya.