Located in the South-East region of China, Jiangxi province is not only known for its scenic beauty–Jiangxi is home of both Lu Shan (mountain) and Puyong (lake)–it is also famous the world over for its porcelain art. Considered by many to be the Porcelain Capital of the World, Jingdezhen is a small but lively city in Northeastern Jiangxi province. Ceramics were produced here as many as 1,800 years ago in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Mass-produced porcelain is readily available in the downtown areas, and fine art studios and galleries are open to the public.

Also of interest is the availability of fine teas in Jiangxi. Ningzhou produces a famous black tea, and Wuyuan produces a fine green tea. Adventurers who visit Lu Shan will have the chance to sample the highly prized Cloud-Mist tea.

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