Johannesburg is the financial centre and the largest city in South Africa. Many people just pass by the city and use it merely as the landing port before going onto other parts of the country. Certainly it does have a bad reputation because of high crime rate and “not much to do/see”. However, if you like to explore the urban jungle, Jo’burg is actually a very interesting city with lots to do. One problem is getting around. I joined a city tour of Jo’burg to see the inner city. The inner city was vibrant but quite run-down and dangerous. It was quite an eye opener. The Carlton centre gave an excellent overview of the city and the Museum Africa in Newtown provided a good overview of some aspects of South African history. The re-created bushman rock paintings were particularly interesting. There are beautiful suburbs in Jo’burg with very impressive homes, offices, gardens and shopping centres. For example, my hostel is located in Dunkeld, which is a good area to explore. Others are Houghton and Sandton, which are featured in this article as well. In terms of food, Dunkeld area has many good restaurants at reasonable prices. I had a very good rack of lamb at a Greek restaurant for only $11 Cdn. In short, Jo’burg provides me with an excellent urban adventure prior to my nature based South African experience tour. There are way more to explore in the Jo’burg area besides what I have done – for example – Lion Park, De Wildt Cheetah Research Centre, Apartheid Museum, Gold Reef City, Melville, Montecasino and a visit to an authentic Ndebele village.

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