Jui-feng is a place in Taiwan which has earned for itself the name of an ideal tourist destination. The name of Jui-feng is native to the place. The place of Jui-feng has become increasingly popular as a tourist attraction with restaurants, shopping centers and theaters adding to its novelties along with benign weather conditions.


Jui-feng has several attractions for the numerous visitors who keep coming to the place year after year. The place is also named as the city of sadness; this of course has nothing to do with the living styles within the city. The name has been taken from one of the films which were made on Jui-feng. The tourists can visit the place easily while touring the numerous other Tourist attractions in Taiwan since it is well linked by bus and train services apart from hiring cars. From Taipei, the visitors can take the buses which are present at the Zhong Xiao Fu Xin MRT station to travel to Jui-feng. It is only an hour journeying this way. The Jui-feng old street station can also be reached through this way. There are efficient train services to the place which are in fact an enviable option considering the scenic beauty of the surrounding areas. The traveler can take a train from Taipei to Ruifang changing buses at the Rui Fang railway station.

The Jui-feng Tour remains incomplete without seeing the Sheng Ping cinema which is the oldest hall in the whole of North Taiwan. Though the hall is no longer running it is still considered as a historical destination enumerating the modes of entertainment that the Taiwanese depend on, and which was primary to the people of Jui-feng, highlighting their culture. There is also the Babka coffee house in Jui-feng at the end of the oldest street among other Tourist attractions in Jui-feng which you can take along your Jui-feng travel and enjoy the fragrance of a hot sip of coffee in this white colored majestic building.

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