Jui-sui is one of the most attractive regions in Taiwan that attracts tourists from all across the globe. Jui-sui is visited by loads of travelers who come here mesmerized by it unmatched beauty and array of leisure time activity options. The travelers coming down to the city can enjoy some great facilities that make the tour to Jui-sui a memorable experience. Jui-sui has developed fast into one of the best tourist destinations in Taiwan. The beauty of the land is complemented by the adventurous trails that are scattered around the region. Embarking on these adventurous trails ensure that your tranquil holiday in the region is also spiced up with the elements of adventure.

The name of the place, Jui-sui, is its native name and it falls under the jurisdiction of Taiwan. The area of Jui-sui is a densely populated one with beautiful locales punctuating its beauty.

The city offers loads to explore and enjoy which has paved the way for the tourism to develop at a rapid pace. The city is adorned by various tourist attractions, a visit to which enlightens the travelers about its culture.


Tourists paying a visit to Jui-sui must not miss the opportunity to visit The Great God of White Water. This huge effigy stands tall at the Juisui Rafting Center. This is the point of commencement of an exciting journey through the ravishing waters of the region. This place is a favored destination for the adventure lovers who can indulge in an exciting water rafting experience. The travelers can pay an offering of Chingtao Beer, or maybe a few betel nuts to The Great God of White Water, that is believed to bring good luck to the revelers.

The water rafting facilities in Jui-sui have made it an international destination for outdoor lovers who just can’t resist the temptation of testing their endurance levels in the rough waters here.


The travelers can reach the city with ease because the city of Jui-sui is well connected to the various parts of Taiwan. The developed transportation facilities ensure that the journey to the city from the various corners remain a hassle free affair for the travelers.

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