Jungle Safari in Madhya Pradesh

You could choose a jeep, if you prefer, though elephant-back is a far better and quieter vantage point, to explore the Kanha National Park, twice as large as Bandhavgarh and teeming with wildlife. The Kanha National Park has the reputation of being one of the best-managed reserves in all Asia.

You can go on mapped circuits accompanied by guides from the forest department who help you to identify the animals and birds. It is a truly thrilling experience, made more so by sightings of the tiger, ‘gaur’, or even the tiny mouse deer (muntjac) or rare hard ground barasingha (12-horned antelope) found only in Kanha. If you are a birdwatcher, Kanha will give you hours and hours of fun – the early morning being the best time to spot the birds as they wake up to a new day.

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