Jungle Trekking in Singapore

A diverse city-state full of endless options for activities, Singapore never ceases to amaze and entertain its people and guests. From shopping, scuba diving, festivals and jungle trekking, Singapore has it all. Jungle Trekking in Singapore, one of the many options for adventure and recreation here is done in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in Singapore. Singapore is one of the two cities of the world that consists of rainforests within its boundaries. And it is here; through these wild jungle paths that one has exciting and thrilling opportunity to do jungle trekking.

On a trip of jungle trekking in Singapore through well-marked paths, one comes across beautiful and exotic birds, butterflies, monkeys, squirrels, flying lemurs and other animal species. There is also unique vegetation with rare plants like the insect eating pitcher plant. The jungle trekking includes a hike to the highest point in Singapore, the Bukit Timah Hill that is 164 meters above the sea level. Other activities in the jungle premises apart from jungle trekking in Singapore include strolling, hiking, rock climbing, abseil and mountain biking.

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