Kadaiya Lake Garden

Kadaiya Lake Garden is a man-made wonder in Daman and Diu. The restaurant, one of the most popular sites at Daman and Diu, is known to provide a large variety of cuisine. Situated about 7 kilometers from the Taxi Stand in Nani Daman, Kadaiya Lake Garden of Daman and Diu provides a panoramic view of the adjoining areas.

Kadaiya Lake Garden in Daman and Diu possesses a lake that surrounds the two islands. The two islands across the lake are connected by a bridge. Besides the lake and the islands, Kadaiya Lake Garden is also famous for fountains and beautiful boats. In fact, the fountains add to the beauty of the garden.

Kadaiya Lake Garden at Daman and Diu provides a number of features including a toy train and computer games. The garden is also famous for the shooting of films.