Kakadu National Park

The famous Kakadu National Park covers over 20,000 square kilometers of woodland and forest. The park gives shelter to various species of reptiles, fish, birds, plants and insects. Different types of vegetation, ranging from eucalyptus trees to grassland, combined with foaming waterfalls and quiet lakes contribute to the lasting impression that Kakadu will undoubtedly make. Besides that, it has several sites of aboriginal rock-art collections where one can trace the aboriginal history in paint. The park was endangered when uranium was found at the beginning of the 1950s. It still is a political issue that makes feelings run high with both the engineering companies and the preservers of nature. However, the latter got the support of the UN with the listing of Kakadu on the World Heritage list.
Entrance fee has to be paid at the parks gates or you can arrange an all-in visit (ranging from a day to several days) to the park with one of the many tour operators.

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