Kalsoy is an island located in the north-east of the Faroe Islands between Eysturoy and Kunoy.

The western coast has dramatically steep cliffs for the full length of the island, whereas idyllic valleys on the eastern slopes protect the four tiny settlements, Husar, Mikladalur, Syaradalur and Trollanes, whose combined populations total less than 150. They are connected by a partly surfaced road which passes through four dark tunnels. The island’s thin shape and road-tunnels give it the nickname ‘the flute’.

The island has 13 peaks, the two highest mountains are Nestindar, Botnstindur.


As seen from Eysturoy, Kalsoy is a continuous mountain ridge and there are indeed no habitations to the west of the island.

The northernmost point of Kalsoy is said to be one of the best points in al the Faroes for its scenery – quite a claim.