Kamakura is one of Japan’s former capitals. It is located less than an hour south of Yokohama by train. Kamakura is known for its temples, shrines, ancient residences, and the Daibutsu (a giant, hollow, Buddha statue that you can even go inside). There is much to see in Kamakura if you’re looking for traditional things, and it can make an easy day-trip if you live in or near Tokyo or Yokohama. Although there is much to see in Kamakura, be warned that when you arrive, you will almost definitely be disappointed. Kamakura is in no way a still-standing memorial to the past (like Venice). When you enter the small city, you’ll see ugly buildings which it seems hardly any thought or effort was put into designing. This takes much away from the charm of the town. If you can either travel to Nikko (north of Tokyo) or Kamakura, I’d definitely suggest Nikko. However, if you have the time and you haven’t been to Kamakura already, it’s definitely worth a trip.