Kamnik is a lovely old town, surrounded by green hills and high peaks of the Kamniske Alps. This popular small town has some good supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, bars, banks, post office and other shops where all provisions can be bought. Bike hire is available throughout the year from the Tourist Information Centre located in the centre of town.
The most beautiful part of the town is, no doubt, its old town core with typical narrow streets, decorated by medieval and baroque facades of houses. Up on the hill, right in the centre of the town, there is Mali grad Romanic chapel. Even higher above the town Stari grad, now in ruins, still watches over Kamnik. Among sights, worth seeing, there are two museums – the castle Zaprice and the private Sadnikar museum, and Franciscan monastery with a rich collection of old books and incunabula. Through history Kamnik has been quite successful in keeping its old idyllic look. Today it is also well known for tourist events, such as Dnevi narodnih no (The National Costumes Festival), which occurs every year in the beginning of September.