Kandahar is the third largest city of Afghanistan which is located in Southern Afghanistan neighboring Pakistan. It was also the capital of Afghanistan before it was changed to Kabul in late 1700s. People in the city are mainly Pashtuns. Kandahar’s history is long but is very interesting.

In mid 1700s all pashtuns in the region after suffering under puppet Persian dynasty allied to destroy and demolish the monarchy and bring freedom to the region and so it happened after the Durranis from the west and Ghilzais from north and east attacked Kandahar they overthrew the puppet government. The whole Persian Army fled the region and went to Herat which is currently Afghanistan’s third largest city. The Persian army’s defeat gave Pashtun more courage and then more and more people began join Pashtun Domination. They attacked and captured a massive land, They even captured the legendary Ghazni city.

Now was the time when Persian were concerned and the Persian king at that time Traitor Afshar tried to attack Kandahar but was failed miserably he lost a lot of Army. Afshar died in action and Persian army fled from many cities such as Kabul, Herat and others and left them only to be capture by the brave Pashtun commander or leader Ahmen Shah Durani. So this was how Pushton Dominatedalot of land. Pashtuns attacked and captured parts of India, Iran and Soviet Union. Pushtons of Kandahar were also the people who brought Kohi noor the biggestpiece of Diamond in the World to Kandahar. Pashtuns from Kandahar have been rulling Afghanistan for 200 years and also are rulling Afghanistan today.

Kandahar and the south of Afghanistan are considered extremely dangerous places to visit. The area is considered a stronghold for the despotic Taliban and travellers and aid workers have all been targeted in this area. If you really must go, it is worth checking for the most up to date information prior to leaving.