Kandal is one of the smaller provinces of Cambodia. This province completely surrounds, but does not include, the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh. Its capital is Ta Khmau (lit. Black Grandfather) and is around 20km south of Phnom Penh.

The province is re-known for its ancient history. One of the major attractions is Udong, which served as the former capital of Cambodia under several sovereigns between 1618 and 1866. A number of kings, including King Norodom, were crowned here. The most interesting things to see there, are: several Stupas, some of them recently renewed, a huge 8m high reclining Buddha and the battered Ta San Mosque on the smaller ridge.

As Kandal province isnt far from Phnom Penh it is easily and quickly to enter, even if its just a day trip. There is quite a bunch of places of interest such as Ang Kor Chey Pagoda, which is located at Ban Tey Dek commune, Kean Svay District with a total distance of 29km from Phnom Penh or 32,6km from Ta Khmao by the National Road N0 1 (Phnom Penh-Svay Rieng province). You have to travel along the National Road N0 1 from Phnom Penh or Ta Khmao to Kilometre 29 then exceed about 50 metres, there is a gate at the right with a handwritten sign: Ang Kor Chey Pagoda. If we enter by trail about 1,600m, we will reach the entertainment centre. The pagoda is constructed with five peaks as the temples peaks. Before reaching the pagoda, we need to pass over a 100-meter wooden bridge; under the bridge, there is a big pond for keeping water during the dry season.

Behind the pagoda youll see an artificial site located on the black hill characterized as resident of Neak Mean Bon or King. It is said that the black hill is a former palace, because they found ancient objects and equipment like bowls and pots characterizing ancient features. Now, the black hill has been organized and maintained by guards, because it relates to the belief in sacred objects there. Nowadays, Angkor Chey pagoda has a lot of local visitors, especially those, who cling to abstract belief; they go there to have themselves sacredly watered. In addition, Ang Kor Chey pagoda is surrounded with beautiful scenery offering cool shadows from the trees and a pleasant environment.

How To Get There

As the Kandal province is very closed to Phnom Penh there is several options to go there depending in which direction you would like to go. Irrespective where you would like to go youll find a vehicle at the central bus station southwest from the Central Market. Many buses go to the other provinces so they always have to pass Kandal province. If you would like to go to the provincial capital Ta Khmau there is Sorya buses going to the provincial capital of Takeo every day at 7am, 8am, 12am and 1pm. It shouldnt cost you more than US$0.5-1.

Share Taxi:
Lots of share taxis leave unscheduled every day to Ta Khmau opposite from the central bus station. The prices are around US$1-2.

Motorcycle Touring Info:

Almost every Highway around Phnom Penh is in best condition, so no worries. Riding your motorbike to Ta Khmau you have to take National Highway No 2 to the South. If you would like to hit the road to the North you have to take the National Highways No 4 or 5, depending on your destination.

What To See
Kean Svay Krau Pagoda
Koh dach
Phnom Athareus/Phnom Odong
Phnom Edtharaes
Phnom Prasith
Sa Ang Mountain
Tum Pek Pagoda
Wat Phnom Thon Mond
Phnom Athareus/ Phnom Odong
Ang Kor Chey Pagoda
Handicdraft Centre


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