Kankan is the second largest city in Guinea, located on the River Milo in eastern Guinea and lying about 300 miles east of the nation’s captal Conakry. Kankan is an absolute highlight for Malinke travelers on a spiritual journey.

Kankan serves as the capital and largest city of Kankan Prefecture and Kankan Region.


It is the spiritual centre of the Malinke (Mandinka) people in the region. You find Madinke in Guinee, Mali Senegal and Gambia. Kankan was capital of the former Mali Empire, but not a lot of what you see right now today reminds you of a capital. There is no grandeur whatsoever. There is an interesting open market with arched entrances, a covered market and a Grande Mosque that is worth a visit.

The town also known for its university for its religious scholars and its mango trees. It is home to the Kankan Airport. It is an eleven hour drive from Conakry. It also has one of the oldest mosques in West Africa.

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