The settlement Kapisillit is one of the very few fishing and hunting communities which is situated inland. Kapisillit is beautifully placed app. 75 kilometres from Nuuk, deep inside the mighty fjord system of Nuuk.

Kapisillit literally means ‘The Salmon’. As almost all Greenlandic place names, the name describes a special feature of the place. For ‘Kapisillit’, the name refers to the fact that the only spawning-ground for salmon in Greenland is a river near the settlement.


The Kapisillit area is perfect for angling, shorter and longer hikes. The most popular routes are undoubtedly the short hike from Kapisillit to the edge of the astonishing icefjord, Kangersuneq, the route along the Kapisillit fjord to the former reindeer farm at Itinnera and the 2-3 days hike from Kapisillit through a valley to the Ameralla Fjord.


In Kapisillit it is possible to stay in a small hostel-like cabin in the vicinity of the settlement or a house in the centre of Kapisillit. Both can be booked through Nuuk Tourism.

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