Karelia is situated on the board with Finland on the North from St-Pet. It is the land of virgin woods, thousand picturesque lakes and hundreds of rivers. Here You have excellent conditions for backpacking and rafting.


Karelia is stretched on 600 kilometers from the north on the south from Northern polar circle up to the Ladoga Lake. Karelia is often called the country of the lakes. There are more than 60 thousand big and small lakes here including the largest lakes in Europe – Ladoga and Onega. Most of them are connected by some short rivers that perfectly suit for rafting.


The visitor can hunt an elk, a brown bear or go fishing. Kola peninsula located to the north of Karelia. It is remarkable for its amazing nature. High hills adjoin dense taiga woods and the open tundra. There is the one of the best mountain-skiing routes of Russia in the southern part of Kola peninsula.

Karelia is the land of the virgin pine woods. These woods are popular with the hunters. Traditionally the objects of hunt here are the elks, brown bear, wood-grouses and blackcocks.

Karelia is certainly created for boating. Here one can choose the routes, various on extent and complexity.

The most beautiful waterfall Kivatch is located near the city Petrozavodsk. This is the second-largest after Rhine flat waterfalls of Europe. Its height is about 11 meters. On the territory surrounded by waterfall falls there is a natural reserve Kivatch. The rare Karelian birch grows here.