Karera Falls

The falls of the Karera river are in Rutana province, in the municipality of Musongati, 3 km from the capital area of the Shanga zone and 12 km from the high road n° 8 connecting the urban centres of Gitega and Rutana. There are four falls in the Karera river, swelled by a branch from the Mwaro river coming in from the west. The latter, parallel to the second fall in the Karera, forms a downstream with this one, the 4th which has the most powerful concentration of all the falls. Karera Falls is a famous waterfall of Burundi and is one of the popular Burundi tourist attractions. The adventurous traveler will fall in love with the uniqueness of the wonderful locales of Burundi.

Karera Falls in Burundi is blessed with exotic water having the healing powers thus acts as a soothing medication for the body. The natural forest reserves of Mugara, Kigwena and Roumonge are rich in such thermal falls. The nearby beach of Tanganyika is added pleasure spot for the travelers to relax and swim. The natural message at these exotic reserves followed by a shower in the heavenly water of these natural waterfalls acts as a refreshing treat to the body. Karera Falls is one of the best gift of nature to its people. Along the falls grows dense gallery forest and the general scenery of this area is beautiful. The site is beloved tourist destination both for locals and infrequent foreign guests.