Karting in Dubai

Karting in Dubai is one of the most popular Adventure Tours in Dubai. The desert city of Dubai is renowned worldwide for the plethora of shopping options it provides. While on a trip to Dubai you can also enjoy various adventure sports. Karting in Dubai is one such sport that you can enjoy in this charming city.
Tourists as well as professional go karters flock to Dubai to experience Karting in Dubai. Motor sports are extremely popular in the city, and among all motor sports, Go Karting in Dubai holds a special place. In fact, it is in Dubai where the first fully equipped indoor go-kart facility at Formula One in Middle East is situated. This air-conditioned place, covering an area of 40,000 square feet, is perfectly suited for go Karting in Dubai.
There are a number of outdoor tracks in Dubai that are owned by different organizations or well-known hotels in the city. You can practice Karting in Dubai at these places too. The Emirates Kart Center, run by the Emirates Motor Sports Federation, has an outdoor floodlit track measuring 0.8 km. There are tricky hairpins and chicanes on this track.
Karting is a motor sport ideal for those who love thrills and adventure. The sport is best suited for those drivers who are physically fit and trained quite well. Helmets, gloves and the race suit comprise the gear you need to wear for experiencing Karting in Dubai. Your go kart will be replete with a seat belt and a safety bumper before you venture on go Karting in Dubai.
Go karting clubs in Dubai – Two of the most popular Go Karting clubs in Dubai where you can enjoy Karting are – The Dubai Kart Club, Formula One Kart Club.

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