Kaunas is 80 km west of Vilnius. It is the second city of the country and according to most Lithuanians the most Lithuanian city of all.

The most attractive part of the city is the old Centre, the area around the Town Hall. The old centre is located between two rivers, the Neris and the Nemunas. on the Town Hall square there are quite a lot old merchant houses dating from the 16-th century, but the Town Hall itself is the most impressive structure.

Northeast of here the Cathedral dates from the times of Vytautas the Great, but most of what you see now is from the 18-th century. Northwest of the Townhall square are the remains of the Kaunas Castle. There are a few walls left and part of a tower but with a bit of imagination you can see the Tuetonic Knights storming the walls.

The new town is east from the old town. The Laisves aleja, or Freedom Avenue is a big pedestrianized shopping street that runs right through it. At the end of Freedom Avenue you find the Church of St.Michael the Archangel which looms over Nepriklasomyes Aikte (independance square). Also on the sqaure is the Mykolas ilinskas Art Museum which has one of the best collections in the Baltic States.

A rather curious museum is the Devil’s Museum officially known as the A. muidzinavicius Art Museum. It houses a big collection of devil figures, including a representation of Hitler and Stalin dancing around a heap of lithuanian skulls.

Before WWII Kaunas had a large Jewish population. Just out of town are Vilijampole the old Jewish getto -as known as Slobodka- and the Nineth Fort Museum where the Jews were kept by the Nazis while awaiting execution.

This city has most of Universities of all Lithuanian. Sometimes it calls student city. Here you can find University of Technology of Kaunas (biggest one in science) University of Medicine, Vytautas Magnus University, Veterinary Academy, Sport and Physical Education University, Agriculture and economy Academy and other higher educational institutions were students from around the globe come to study.

Additional places to visit: Paaislis monastery (XVI century) surrounded by pine forest on the bank of Kaunas sound, Resurrection church (Prisikelimo) – one of the biggest and highest in Lithuania with was under reconstruction for 15 years,

Also, here is the only one Zoo of Lithuania and you always will be surrounded by green parks and forest (this city is great of such a lot of public parks) and Kaunas Botanic garden where is a tradition to visit and make a wonderful pictures on the wedding day celebration.