Kayaking and Canoeing in Brazil

Kayaking & Canoeing is one of the best ways to explore the waters of Brazil, often in the most remote and beautiful parts. From rugged Costa Verde coves and remote Paranagua Bay islands, to expeditions along the Amazon River, as well as many fantastic day paddles, Brazil has wonderful options for any length of time in a kayak or canoe. Whichever canoe or kayak tour you choose to include as part of your Brazil trip, be sure that you have the best guides, the most suitable equipment and the safest and most enjoyable days that you can imagine. This way you can help us to make kayaking in Brazil as popular as it deserves to be.

Many of the beaches also have simple kayaks for hire, including Pipa, Buzios, Praia do Forte, Morro do Sao Paulo and Jericoacoara, although for many others with Atlantic breakers it isn’t an option. Lagoons cover the coastline too, especially around Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina and Porto Alegre. Day trips in the shadow of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio or on Lagoa da Conceiçao, the heart of Florianopolis are two of the finest day paddles in Brazil and the Floripa trip can even be extended with some beach camping and a mountain hike. Many small deltas have mangrove forests to explore in silence, just the scuttle of the crabs as they inch along the roots away from your approaching craft. There are many areas with mangroves still remaining, and one fantastic extended kayak safari is along the remote and empty coastline of the Superagui National Park, crossing from Sao Paulo to Parana State.

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