Kayaking in Vietnam

Kayaking in Vietnam is one of the most popular adventure tours in Vietnam that people just love to enjoy. If you are seeking adventure in Vietnam then you must not miss out Kayaking in Vietnam. This best destination for Kayaking in Vietnam is undoubtedly the region of Ba Be National Park, one of Vietnam’s undiscovered jewels. It is surrounded by precipitous limestone mountains and rich tangled forests. Ba Be Park has not yet been discovered by the crowds, so thus is the best place to be explored!
The Halong bay is yet another famous place for kayaking in Vietnam. Kayak is also the best way to explore the beauty of Halong. Paddle through the islets, to visit hidden caves, lagoons, unspoiled beaches, floating-fishing village, and have a talk with local fish-man. Due to the thousands of islands on the bay, the water is calm, the current is fine, and the wind is not too strong are ideal condition for sea-kayaking.
Regardless of the threat of the here be dragons, the waters of Halong Bay are ideally suited for sea kayaking. It is the best way to explore this World Heritage Site. This is also a wonderful place for beginners to be introduced to this easy sport. The expert guides will teach you all the requisite skills. Silently and unobtrusively, you can thread the maze of jagged isles to discover secret passages to hidden lagoons and magnificent sea caves.
Mekong River is also a very popular place for enjoying kayaking in Vietnam. You can explore the narrow channels, floating markets, daily life, orchards in the Delta while you enjoy kayaking in the river. The favorable conditions of the water, light current, good mother-boat further enable the tourists to enjoy kayaking tours in Mekong River.

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