Kelantan is one of the 13 states in Malaysia. The state which is richly endowed with natural resources covers a land area of about 14,922 northeast of Peninsular Malaysia facing the South China Sea. Malaysia covers about 336,700 sq. km. comprising the peninsular and Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo.
Kelantan is famous for its giant tops
Located in the northeast of Peninsular Malaysia bordering Thailand, Kelantan is home to the giant tops, the multi-coloured giant kites and centuries-old skin puppets (wayang kulit).
The ancient traditions are well preserved and very much alive in Kelantan, and the state has since been known as the ‘Cradle of the Malay Culture’.
Kota Bharu, the state capital is a rapid growing town being the focal point for Kelantans administration and business activities.

The state is divided into 10 administrative districts i.e. Kota Bharu, Pasir Mas, Tumpat, Pasir Puteh, Bachok, Kuala Krai, Machang, Tanah Merah, Jeli and Gua Musang. Kelantan enjoys a pleasant tropical climate.

It is almost summer all year round with refreshing intermittent rain. Longer and heavier rainfall is charted in November, December and January.

Daily temperature ranges from 21 C to 32 C.

Kelantan has a population of about 1.4 million comprising Malays, Chinese, Indians, Siamese and other races. Malays make up about 94 % of the population. The population is growing at approximately 2.8 % per annum. About 75 % of the population live in the north of the state which covers 17 % of the states total land area. Kelantan is governed by an opposition political party, and yet enjoys a very good relationship with the Federal Government, only goes to prove the uniqueness and maturity of Malaysian democracy.

Political environment and difference between the State and Federal Government is never a problem for investment.

All policies concerning investment in Malaysia are determined by the Federal Government. The state government serves to facilitate and accommodate investors.

In this effort to attract investors to Kelantan, the State Government is leaving no stone unturned to offer the best to investors, infrastructure wise. Kelantan has all the necessary facilities required for business ventures. There are 39 branches of commercial banks and 12 branches of finance institutions operating in the state. It is a clear reflection of the States economic vibrancy. A total of about 2,300 km of State and Federal roads link all the major towns in Kelantan to Kota Bharu, and Kelantan to the others states. Travelling time by road from Kota Bharu to the Federal Capital of Kuala Lumpur is about 6 hours via a direct route covering a distance of about 474 km cutting through Gua Musang in Southern Kelantan and the state of Pahang.

Kota Bharu to Penang where Penang Port is located covers a distance of about 386 km, to Kuantan Port 370 km and Johor Bharu Port 855 km. Investors need not worry about transportation to and from Kelantan from anywhere in the peninsular. Good road links are sufficient from Kelantan to all the major ports and cities in the peninsular. The location of the State which is a bit way out of the Klang Valley is not a hindrance at all as investors will soon find out that there are many other factors to their favor despite the distance. After all, Kelantan is also serviced by MAS or Malaysia Airlines, the national carrier.