Kenong Rimba Park

Covering an area of 121 sq kilometres in the Kenong Valley, Kenong Rimba Park lies in the south-west of Taman Negara. Within the park are some magnificent limestone caves. The sense of tranquility and quiet solitude are broken only by the chirping of birds and the cascading waterfalls.

Each limestone cave is situated about half an hour’s trek from each other. The most striking is the Gua Batu Tinggi, which resembles a dug-out boat. The Sungai Kenong River passes though this cave. Local folklore has it that the cave was formed when a boat carrying the Kings messenger from Pekan was turned into stone. This cave is approximately 122 to 152 metres above sea level. Here you can find a variety of plant life that includes orchids, fig trees and epiphytes.

Key Tips
Wear light, loose clothing; comfortable long-sleeved shirts and long pants for protection from insects and abrasions. In certain conditions, the forest can be very cold. Bring a waterproof jacket for comfort.

How to get there
By Train
The jump-off town to Kenong Rimba Park is Kuala Lipis. The railway links it to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The best way to the forest park is by train to the Batu 9 (Mile 9) station.

By Road
You can go by road to the Lipis Railway Station, about 3 hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur, and then on from there to the Batu 9 (Mile 9) station. From there, it’s a short 5-minute walk to the Sungai Jelai jetty for a 20-minute boat ride downstream to Tanjung Kiara Jetty at Sungai Kesong. The journey into the park starts from the jetty.

By River
You could also take a boat from Kuala Lipis jetty to Tanjung Kiara or take the trunk road on a four-wheel drive to Felda Kechau Sembilan before passing through Kampong Matok.

Accommodation Overview
There are chalets, hostel-style rooms, a camping ground and a resort in the National Park area. Sleeping in the caves is not allowed.


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