Ken-Ting is an island in southern Taiwan. It is renowned for its exquisite locales. Over the years the various coastal reefs and limestone formations in K’en-ting make it a most favored tourist destination in Taiwan. K’en-ting is placed on the Hengchun Peninsula in Pingtung County. The coastline of K’en-ting is its main attraction. The waters of K’en-ting are very transparent. It makes it one of the best places for experiencing the underwater life of the country.

The island of K’en-ting is blessed with an azure coastline. It also boasts of a vast resource of flora and fauna. Today, it is seen as an ecological treasure. This is primarily why it has become a haven for the tourists. Located in the extreme south of Taiwan it is part of the Pingtung County of the country. Being surrounded by the sea K’en-ting’s enjoys a pleasant temperature. This makes a comfortable stay here all round the year.


K’en-ting is a paradise for adventure seeking water enthusiasts. It is the perfect place for snorkeling, scuba diving, and a host of other beach activities. This apart the dry land coral formations of K’en-ting add to the beauty of the region and serve as an added attraction to tourists.

K’en-ting Island is the only tropical botanical garden in Taiwan. It is blessed with diverse and rich vegetation. The K’en-ting Forest Recreation Area is home to thousands of rare varieties of orchids and cactus. The various interesting sites in the area include the fascinating Shih sun cave of stalactites and stalagmite formations, the vast Maze Forest, the Immortal’s Cave, Silver Dragon Cave and the over hanging observation tower.

K’en-ting Island provides refuge to a huge store of animal life as well. A wide variety of butterflies, reptiles, mammals, birds, and even rare animals like Macaca cyclopsis and Troides aeacus kaguya can be found in the dense tropical forest. The island is also a stop for the migratory birds in the winter. The K’en-ting National Park is a famous sanctuary in the island. It covers an area of 18,084 hectares. The park has since then been a home to the most invaluable resources of K’en-ting.

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