Kg. Stay Padang Lebar

Previously known as Homestay Warisan, Kg. Stay (or Kampung Stay Padang Lebar) is located at Padang Lebar, Kuala Pilah.

It gives travellers a tranquil village experience, away from the stresses of the city centre. Malay traditional village environment is alive here, surrounding visitors with a unique Negeri Sembilan warmth.

The greenery is striking, its beauty is inviting and it is a fun, affordable and treasured way to experience ‘kampung-living’, first hand.

Villagers at Kg. Stay are true to their tradition, and one will find many of these evident in the cuisine, carpentry, warmth and hospitality.

Come over for a taste of Malay hospitality, with rich traditions, soothing environment and great Malaysian welcome, especially to the land of the greats in Negeri Sembilan. See you there!

Key Tips
The best way to get the most out of your homestay is to learn some basic Malay words. It’s the perfect way to bond with the villagers…

How to get there
Road (By Bus)
From Puduraya Bus Terminal, Kuala Lumpur take a bus to Terminal One Seremban or Bahau Station. From there, also take a bus straight to Batu Kikir Bus Station. Call Kg. Stay to pick-up at this station.

Road (By Car)
From Kuala Lumpur use the KL-SEREMBAN Plus highway to Senawang exit toll, and proceed straight to Kuala Pilah up to Batu Kikir. You should be passing the left junction near the Batu Kikir Police Station, then drive straight on as far as five kilometers, before you see Kg. Stay.

Accommodation Overview
Guests of Kg. Stay can choose to stay in 4 different types of houses; Kg Stay House, Brick Cottage House, Pondok Kg Stay and Dormitory.