Khan Khentii

In the XIII century Prince Temujin was titled as King of Mongolian United Tribes and named Chinggis Khaan. Chinggis Khaan establish Great Mongolian Empire, conquered many Kingdoms, tribes, Dynasties. Also he could conquer almost half of the world. Nowadays, many experts, travels are interested in Study of Chinggis Khaan and visit to his birth and burial places.

Dadal, Khan Khentii – Chinggis Khaan’s birthplace. Dadal located to the north part of Khentii province in East Mongolia. There are three beautiful lakes and East Lake called Boldog, scientist says that it is the birthplace of the Great King Chinggis Khaan. There is memorial for Chinggis Khaan. It is the land described in The Secret History Of Mongols, a literary monument of the nation, and is a protected area located northeast of the capital city.

Khan Khentii is covered with forests, taiga, and mountain forest steppe. The three lakes containing medicinal minerals against cardiovascular diseases, intestinal disorders blood pressure and some skin problems. Onon, Balj River is rich of lenok.