Khanh Hoa appealing for industrial investment

Khanh Hoa Province is well-known for its wonderful Nha Trang Bay which is acknowledged as one of the 29 world most beautiful Bays, many other sceneries and historical sites. Moreover, its industry is also very potential.

Thus, in the first days of year 2005, the Ministry of Industry in conjunction with the province?s People?s Committee organized a meeting with domestic and foreign enterprises for investment appellation. For the past year, Khanh Hoa Province has enjoyed high industrial and service growth rate. Industry represents 40.75% of the province?s GDP. Last year, industrial revenues totaled as much as VND4,700 billion, up by 20% over 2003. 2004 was the 5th successive year the province had seen industrial growth rate of over 20%.

Key industrial sectors of Khanh Hoa are seafood processing; shipbuilding; manufacturing of tobacco, sugar, textile and garment, building materials, aqua feed and fishing equipments.

The province has created favorable conditions for domestic and foreign investors. In terms of FDI, Khanh Hoa has attracted 52 projects with registered capital of US$369.8 million. The Government are planning to build Van Phong International Container Port in Khanh Hoa. As estimated, capacity of the port was up to 17.5-17.8 TEU/year. Cam Ranh Airport with the largest and longest runway in Vietnam will be improved to become an international airport. With beautiful Nha Trang Bay, the province can develop various tourism forms. Nha Trang City is also a center for many institutes, universities and colleges, good for application of scientific researches.

(VN Economy)

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